Cairn Unboxing Recap Nov. 2020

Check out the Cairn Unboxing for Nov. 2020. Learn about what was included in the box, and how you can sign up for a monthly box too!

The Cairn Unboxing for Nov. 2020 was all about being ‘road ready’, and the gear inside is definitely perfect for being out and about.

Some familiar brands were featured this month, Chums, Rx Bar, but some new tech and gear were on the list as well. What was your favorite item this month? Share in the comment section below!

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Cairn Subscription Box

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Cairn Unboxing Nov. 2020

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Chums make some amazing eyewear accessories that help keep your glasses in place. This month’s box featured a design that has a ratchet system in places to customize where the strap can sit on your neck. Perfect for using while hiking or fishing, Chum’s really help not lose those shades.


Ratchet Retainer

The patented ratchet technology allows for 180 degree range of motion for perfect customization.

RX Bar

Nut Butter

RX nutrition bars are already a staple in the daily hiking pack, but with the butter you can squeeze on the go or use as a spread for added protein and calories.

These nut butters feature real ingredients that are all in big letters on the packaging. So there’s not guessing as to what you’re putting in your body.

Roadtrippers App

Travel App

The ultimate road trip companion. The Roadtrippers app helps plans trips, share with friends, and get suggested stops for your next adventure.

This is an amazing tool that can sync from your computer to your phone, and give you turn-by-turn directions as well!



Keep the vibes going at every stop of your road trip with the Speaqua Pebble bluetooth speaker.

The battery charge will last up to 5 hours, and the microphone will allow for calls if you have to jump on that conference call.

Video Recap:

Check out the unboxing video to get first impressions for this month’s gear. Make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to the channel for more hike-a-longs and gear reviews!


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