Is This the Worst Product REI sells?

REI is selling the VSSL Zombie Survival Kit, but it begs the question. Is this the worst product REI has ever sold?

A quick perusal of REI’s most recent clearance sale showcased an item that had way more negative comments than usual. And it begs to ask; is the VSSL Zombie Survival Kit the worse product REI sells?

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VSSL Zombie Survival Kit with LED Flashlight and Spike Black
VSSL Zombie Survival Kit courtesy

It is hard to imagine REI starting to do gag gifts, but the VSSL Zombie Survival Kit seems quite laughable. VSSL in itself is a fairly-known brand that makes a variety of items to help you in the outdoors. First-aid gear, lighting elements, and even coffee items are what you’ll find on their main site.

But the fact that REI decided to pick up an item that won’t have much use seems like a miss.

The zombie kit includes a flashlight, compass, mask and a 6 in. aluminum spike for fighting “zombie hordes”. That’s the legit description from the REI site.

At the time of this posting this item has a 1.9 star rating, and includes comments like:

Jessica says: Amazes me that anyone would spend even $2 on this nonsense. And why a mask?! Really makes you question the intelligence of the average human.

Jontin says: Waste of time, space, and carbon.
What can I say, it’s a non legit product that REI carries. Wasteful to the environment

It goes on.

So what say you? Comment below if you have an item that you’ve seen for sale worse than this.

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