The Texas Trailhead Podcast Episode 14: Coronavirus and the outdoors,Hill Country State Natural Area

When I recorded this first part of this episode it was the Coronavirus situation in the U.S. was just declared a national emergency. It meant that states could now access funding to help people a bit more.  That was 5 days ago before this episode airing, and it already feels much different. 
My mood was down, and I’m sorry if it lags.  I wasn’t sure what to say, but I’m hopeful that it’s going to get better.
That being said…
My visit to Hill Country SNA was such a delight.  I hiked it before the situation seemed to begin collapsing.  The virus was spreading, but when I went hiking my main concern was getting back to the car to be able to pick up my daughter from school on time.  I recorded this episode on camera as I did a Instagram live feed (my account is @danolaurel, follow if you enjoy my content!), so apologies for a couple of the gaps.  I’ve since been on the road and didn’t have too much time to edit some of the dead air. 

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