16 Historical Texas State Parks

Here are 16 Places to hike in Texas and get some history! Texas is home to state historic sites that offer some great info about Texas’ past.

Goliad state historic site
Goliad SHS

If you’re looking for some outdoor knowledge during off-time from school, or you just wanna hike but also learn a little about Texas history; then here are the 16 historical Texas State parks.

The Texas parks system technically has 16 different state historic sites. Some are attached to state parks, and some are actually now partnered with the Texas Historical Commission, but they all usually have some kind of hiking and definitely plenty of info.

Some of my favorite historical sites are Goliad, Kreische Brewery, and LBJ State and National Parks. They each offer up something unique about Texas history and offer so much information in relatively small spaces.

Some are more monumental like battleships or lighthouses, or battlegrounds that were important in various times of war, but they all will offer that experience that makes you feel like you enjoyed nature and learned something all at the same time.

One place that’s not part of these commissions, but still a fun visit is the Texas State Cemetery located in Austin, TX. There are some notable Texas members here including Stephen F. Austin. It’s free to visit, so you can just park nearby and walk-in. They have different sections in the cemetery as well to encompass all aspects of Texas’ history.

State Historic Sites:

Battleship Texas SHS

Fanthorp Inn SHS

Fort Leaton SHS

Fort Richardson SP, HS

Goliad SP, HS

Hueco Tanks SP, HS

Kreische Brewery SHS

Lipantitlan SHS

Lyndon B. Johnson SP, HS

Lyndon B. Johnson childhood home

Mission Rosario SHS

Monument Hill SHS

Port Isabel Lighthouse

San Jacinto Battleground SHS

Seminole Canyon SP, HS

Washington-on-the-Brazos SHS

Zaragoza Birthplace SHS

Monument HIll
Monument Hill artwork depicting Black Bean deaths


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