Canyon Lake w/ view of dam

US Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds in Texas

If you’re looking for places to camp in Texas checkout The US Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds in Texas. Learn more about what they offer.

US Army Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers maintains numerous camping and hiking sites around Texas. Learn more below!

About the US Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Sites:

This post is going to focus on the US Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds and trails in Texas. For those who don’t know, the US Army Corps of Engineers maintain recreation sites for hiking and camping all over the country with designated areas broken down by region. For the sake of this website, I’ll be focusing on the Fort Worth District as it pertains to us in the great state of Texas.

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There is a park pass that you can purchase that will waive or discount some of these fees, and it’s a pass I purchased for the national parks. The America the Beautiful pass has options for seniors and the military as well that can be used. This isn’t an affiliate, but if you purchase one through here let me know!

The main regulation to know is that 14 days is the max stay at any one park per 30 day period. For reservations online you can use It’s also a good site to make state park reservations as well.

Canyon Lake w/ view of dam
Canyon Lake w/ view of dam in the background

Just know that the guidelines here are similar to most parks and they pertain to all of the sites, even when it comes to paying, camping, etc. The main difference is going to be the fees because our tax money pays to have these sites open, but some places offer camping, boat ramps, beaches, so those places will have different associated fees.

One big difference to state parks is there is no specific mention of alcohol regarding campsites, so just enjoy responsibly and be respectful of your neighbors. They do have quiet hours (10 p.m.-6 a.m.).

Can I bring pets?

Pets are allowed but must be on a leash that’s less than six feet long. You can bring horses, but they must be on designated trails for them.


There are a handful of books you can purchase too that give great information about the camping sites. Check them out here.

US Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds in Texas

In total there are 25 US Army Corps of Engineers lakes that offer various forms of recreation. This may include hiking, camping, fishing, and even hunting. I’ll explain in further detail with each post, but you can access all of the information by clicking each park’s name.

Learn more about Corps of Engineer Campsites :

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  1. There is the “Camping with the Corps of Engineers” guide. Published by Cottage Publications of Elkhart Indiana. Just use a search engine to find one.

    1. The links are all down on the corps of engineers site, so maybe they’re doing an update. Will keep checking. Thanks for the heads up Kirk.

  2. do you have a list of ACE lakes that we can backpack? I know Lake Georgetown has a couple of Backcountry campsites, not sure if you’ve already listed any others out.

    1. I don’t. I don’t know off hand how many are big enough to give that great of a backpacking experience. Georgetown is really the only one that I can think of.

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