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This website is for anyone who loves the outdoors or is looking for an excuse to go outside and play. I started hiking for my mental health. I wanted to breathe fresh air, get into the outdoors and clear my head. And something fantastic happened: I loved it. Come along on the journey, and I hope by sharing my stories you’ll want to get out there too! 

Texas Trailhead mission statement.

As influencers, journalists, or reporters, we have a responsibility to follow specific criteria that allow for inclusivity and respectful sharing or spaces.

This website’s mission is to ensure that there are a variety of different posts that cater to the needs of a variety of outdoor enthusiasts and take care to share locations that are meant for visitation.

TXTH follows these three pillars of social media responsibility:

Blanco State Park
The natural pool at Blanco State Park in Blanco, TX.


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I really appreciate your support, and those commissions help fund hikes, camps, website costs, and more.

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