Osprey Introduces New Camera Gear

Osprey has announced four new pieces of camera gear that are a great way to store your cameras in your backpack. Learn more for full details.

Osprey has gotten into the outdoor camera gear game by introducing four new pieces that will protect your camera items while traveling and out on the trail.

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I’ve tested the Backlight 18L camera backpack from Mindshift , and it’s a great piece of gear if you want to take your camera with you on the trail, but it is in its entirety a camera backpack. Without the camera, it doesn’t work like a hiking backpack.

What makes the first pieces released from Osprey interesting is that these aren’t camera backpacks. They are essentially pouches that can be inserted into Osprey backpacks. The one outlier to that is going to be the Camera Chest Rig which I’ll describe more below.

There are two camera cubes, Medium and Small, the Chest Rig, and a PhotoLid which replaces the removable top lid on larger packs. They are designed like typical camera bags with customizable padded inserts and offer additional accessory pouches. These can then be removed from your backpacks and your camera gear can be stored separately. This would be good for anyone who likes to keep their different cameras in different pouches.

The PhotoLid™ attached to the backpack

The cubes offer shoulder straps, so if you want to use it on its own, it can be carried with you with that or the handle on top.

The one thing that strikes me as odd is the medium size is cheaper than the small size. Not sure if that’s a glitch, and will keep an eye on any updates.


Osprey, like a lot of other outdoor brands, has really shifted focus to make their products either last longer, be recycled, or be made from sustainable materials.

Each of the new camera accessories is labeled as bluesign product and contains 100% recycled polyester inside and outside.

More Camera Gear Details:

Camera Cube Medium

MSRP: $75.00

Turn almost any Osprey pack into a photo bag with a durable, protective Camera Cube. Available in two sizes with molded EVA tops and adjustable dividers to keep bodies and lenses securely in place. A padded web grab handle provides an easy carry while loops for an optional shoulder strap add versatility.

Camera Cube Small

MSRP: $95.00

  • Molded EVA foam conforms to camera body
  • Adjustable molded EVA foam dividers
  • Carrying handle
  • Accessory strap attachments for optional shoulder carry
  • Fits main compartment of key Osprey hike and travel packs

Camera Chest Rig

MSRP: $95.00

Never miss a shot. The Camera Chest Rig keeps your camera protected but ready and accessible. The included harness keeps the Rig stable and out of the way during rigorous activity, and flexible carry options allow the case to be directly attached to the pack harness or carried on a hipbelt. A bluesign® PRODUCT.


MSRP: $120.00

The PhotoLid is an innovative, padded camera case designed to replace the removable top lid on most any pack, keeping photo gear accessible and protected. Sized to fit a body and two to three lenses. Converts to a lumbar pack to conveniently carry everything on side trips. A bluesign® PRODUCT.

Osprey Camera Accessory First Impressions

Camera cubes aren’t a new concept by any means, and there are notable companies already doing them at a competitive price point. Peak Designs Smedium camera cube is similar in size and costs $69.95. Nomatic makes camera cube inserts that do a great job of holding your gear as well, and those are less than the price of the Osprey.

So then, why Osprey?

The All Mighty Guarantee for one. They have a pretty great repair warranty, so if anything happens to your packs they’ll be able to fix it in most cases.

And if you’re in the Osprey ecosystem, you may want to keep all of your gear similar, so you’re familiar with the types of pockets, zippers, stuff like that.

First impressions don’t show anything inherently unique about these offerings, but the materials look durable, and overall it’s a nice introduction to the camera pack space.

What do you think about these new pieces of gear? Is this something you’d pick up? Let me know in the comment section.

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