Let’s Get Cooking! The Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Cook Set

The Sea to Summit Alpha Pot Cook set is the perfect cooking combo for your next adventure. Learn the details, pricing and more.

Sea To Summit cookware is highly revered, and if you’re heading out on the trails, the Alpha Pot Cook Set is the perfect combination of kitchen essentials for your next camp meal.

Whether you’re car camping or backpacking, a nutritious meal is essential to giving you the fuel you need to keep exploring.

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The Alpha Pot Cook Set is made up of three main components: The Pot, a bowl, and an insulated mug. Each component fits into itself for perfect lightweight storage.

It retails for around $52.95, but with the durability and delightful details, is worth it.

alpha pot cook set featuring a small pot, a bowl and insulated mug
The Alpha Pot Cook Set 1.1 is perfect for your next solo adventure

The Alpha Pot

The 1.2 L pot is made from a hard anodized alloy, so it’s going to be durable, abrasion-resistant, and easy to clean.

Sea To Summit takes great care in the details, and when it comes to the pot you’ll find some user-friendly additions.

The Pot has a Pivot-Lock handle that will secure the lid in place when it’s folded and ready for storage and offers some nice texture when it’s extended and ready to be lifted off of the flame.

The lid has strainer holes for easy pouring, and two silicon sections on the center of each side. One is used to grab the lid and grab onto the hand, and the opposite side is a Lid Keep that lets you sit lid onto pot when you’re cooking.

The inside of the pot has measurements for knowing the right amount of liquid to use. Perfect for coffee, or noodles.

Bowl and Mug

The bowl and mug are made from BPA-free polypropylene and are ergonomically designed.

The curvature of the bowl and mug allows for easy storage in the pot, but also for added functionality when using Sea to Summit cutlery.

Delta Light is the cooking system that the bowl and cup fall under, and the entire collection is intended to be lightweight and sturdy.

When pouring hot liquid it’s important to stay safe, so the mug comes with a silicone lid that you can leave on or fold into the mug for compact storage. Though it seems thin, it does a great job of not burning your hand when the liquid inside is hot.

The Alpha Pot with directions on how to lock the handle into place

A few quirks

While the Sea To Summit Alpha Cook Set is quite delightful, it does have a few quirks that you should consider.

When locked into the place, the handle is super sturdy, BUT getting the handle to lock takes a bit of elbow grease. There is a latch that snaps over it, and it took a few attempts to find the right angle to apply the right amount of pressure to get it to lock into place.

The bowl is almost the exact shape of the pot, and while everything fits quite nicely together when it’s time to use the components, getting the bowl out of the pot takes a bit of shaking.

Resist the urge to use a knife to pry the bowl out of its place, and just shake it out to your heart’s desire. Pressing into the bowl and out seemed like a good way as well.

This is a great cookset that will hold up over time, and give you a bit of luxury out on the trails. Probably not your go-to set for ultralight backpacking, but is compact enough for your backpack adventures. When you’re not needing a full meal, it’s also important to know some great snacks to bring along.

Do you use a cooking set that you love? Leave your choice in the comments below!


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