Texas State Parks Rank Top 5 in New HomeToGo Extraordinary Park List

Two Texas state parks made the top 5 in HomeToGo.com’s 100 Extraordinary parks list.

This list includes parks from all over the U.S. and was intended as a great way for travelers to find top destinations based off of a variety of factors.

The site used search date to identify the top 100, then narrowed it down to 20 based off of these factors: annual visitors to the park, size of each park (acres), the amount of available activities, the diversity of plants (!?), and available accommodations nearby.

The number 1 park was Letchworth state park in New York. This park is known as the “Grand Canyon of the East”, so it was only fitting that the top Texas park on the list has a similar nickname.

Palo Duro Canyon state park was ranked number 2 on the list, and if you’ve been you know that the main attraction is the canyon that runs through the park.

The amazing color at Palo Duro SP

This park is one I’ve visited and is definitely worth everyone seeing at least once. The remarkable hues of red that reflect the sunlight from all angles make this an amazing sight to see.

It also has many fantastic trails, but also a handful of different accommodations including a live production , Texas. You can read more from my visit here.

And with back to back wins, the number 3 spot went to Brazos Bend State park (Click to learn more about this park!) from the Houston area.

The list notes that the amazing mix of wildlife and the available space to roam gave this place its top earnings.

What are your thoughts? Which Texas state parks would you add to the top of the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below:


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