Why Cairn is the Best Outdoor Subscription Box 2020

Sometimes it’s easier to have someone pick gear for you. Read more about why Cairn is the best outdoor subscription box option for 2020.

Why an outdoor subscription box?

In the era of social distancing during the global pandemic, a lot of people are staying home more. That doesn’t mean that people aren’t able to spend time outdoors though. At the time of this posting the Texas State Parks are slowly reopening, and natural areas around the state are offering places to spend time in nature. To limit the need to head to the stores, subscription boxes are a great way to eliminate the need to head to the stores that may be closed. Continue on to learn why Cairn is the Best Outdoor Subscription Box for 2020.

What Cairn Subscription boxes include

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on which gear is best to use among the many brands that are out there now. Cairn boxes try and take out the struggle of over-researching by picking what you’d like based on some questions you answer when you register. You wouldn’t want to receive rock-climbing gear if that’s not your interest, right?

Cairn subscription boxes feature all of the top outdoor brands, but they also feature some up-and-coming companies as they look for best-in-class products. And these are all new products, not outlet or discontinued items. They are available in four different subscription options:

Monthly Collection that you pay $29.95 / month

Monthly Collection that you pay $169.50 every six months

Monthly Collection that you pay $329.40 Annually

And the Obsidian Collection that’s $249.95 per quarter (every three months). The difference with this one is you get more product in each box. About 5-10 products vs 2-6, and over $300 dollar of retail value in these.

You’ll receive 12 of the monthly boxes, because duh, and four of the Obsidian boxes, so you get more frequent boxes with the monthly plan but with smaller assortments.

All of the boxes ship for free and you can cancel anytime. When you receive the gear you then have the option to review it to earn thank-you points that you can use for some other items they have in their shop.

Cairn Gives Back

One of the exciting new programs Cairn has created is the Unstacked auction initiative. Prices of items continue to drop until someone sees a price they like. If the price drops to zero then the item is no longer available. So… a bit of a gamble, but a great opportunity to grab some gear at a good price point. That is if you’ve got the quick draw!

You don’t need to have any type of subscription to participate, but you do have to create a profile to make any purchases.

While Cairn is a seller of outdoor products, they also live the brand values as well. The Gear Up, Give Back program just ended its second year, and they were able to partner up with Gear Fix to donate $27 thousand dollars to the Conservation Alliance.

The mission of Gear Up, Give Back is mainly to keep gear that’s no longer being used out of landfills. It created an easy way for people to donate their well-loved gear, and Gear Fix will take the items, fix them up if needed and resell them. The net proceeds are then distributed to Outdoors for All.

Since its launch in 2014 Cairn boxes has given fans of the outdoors some great gear that they either have heard of or helped expose great new brands to enthusiasts. I like them because the founders Jared Peterson and Rob Little really embody the love of the outdoors in their own lives, and you really see that in the way the brand operates. And in this climate of outdoor brand saturation, at least that separates them from the others, and hopefully, you agree too!


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