6 Places to Hike in Houston

Wondering where to hike in Houston? Keep in mind: Houston is big. It is spread out so far sometimes you forget where it stops and where it begins. You have forests, ocean, honking horns, and it can feel like there aren’t enough natural spaces; so to make it a little easier, here are six top places to hike in Houston.

Some are in the city proper, but some you will need to go for a little day trip; some are going to feel like wilderness, and some places to hike in Houston are just fun city parks.

Either way, you’ll hopefully discover some new gems in the area.

1) Lone Star Hiking Trail

Texas’ only official thru-hike in Texas is the Lone Star Hiking Trail. It meanders through the Sam Houston National Forest, and because of that, can totally just be done for day hikes in the different locations.

This is a well-hiked trail and is maintained by numerous groups and volunteers. Because of that, there is a ton of information that can be found about where to hike, conditions, and best practices.

Karen Somers has also written a fantastic guide that is highly recommended to keep in your pack while you’re out there. Terrain conditions can change in a hurry and it’s easy to get turned around out there.

2) Spring Creek Greenway

The Spring Creek Greenway can be found in The Woodlands, and activities include hiking, fishing, and biking. It is made up of multiple preserves and green spaces and covers almost 25 acres of land.


The 16-miles of hiking and biking allow you to see an abundance of fun wildlife too, so bring your binoculars if you’re into the birding! You can learn more about the eight different parks and preserves that make up this amazing place.

Spring Creek Nature Trail. Spring Creek Greenway (separate from the Spring Creek Nature Trail). Eisenhower Park (the one by Lake Houston, not the one in San Antonio) Brazos Bend State Park. Huntsville State Park. Armand Bayou Nature Center.

3) Brazos Bend State Park

South of Houston you’ll discover Brazos Bend State Park. Its lush landscape by the historic river offers fun for the entire family.

According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife, “Due to its various ecosystems, the park is famous for its species diversity. Thousands of species, ranging from grasses and wild­flowers to trees and aquatic plant life, grow in the park. Animal life is just as diverse”.


4) Terry Hershey Park

Just outside ‘the belt’, head on over to Terry Hershey Park where you’ll find 500 acres of fun in the outdoors. This park boasts over 11 miles of hiking trails, but it also features numerous activities that include: Playground, sundial, and nana-nana-nana- Bat houseeeee!

This section of parks does blend into the other parks in the area including bits of Buffalo Bayou Park, George Bush Park, and more, so definitely get out and explore the area.

5) Memorial Park

Probably the most popular of the city parks in Houston, and for good reason, as this park cuts through the heart of Houston and with over 30 miles of trail you can visit multiple times to discover new places.

The Memorial Park Conservancy’s sole purpose is, “to preserve, restore, and enhance Memorial Park for the enjoyment of all Houstonians, today and tomorrow”.

6) Lake Houston Wilderness Park

Over ten trails for over 20 miles of hiking, and even camping options make Lake Houston Wilderness Park a great option to explore the outdoors.

Unlike some of the other city parks, this one does require an entrance fee for entry, and for camping. More information can be found here.

Also important to note that this place is not an access point to the lake. You must go to another location to get on the water.


Notable Mentions

Big Thicket National Preserve

Spring Creek Nature Trail

Seabrook Wildlife Refuge and Park

Armand Bayou Nature Center

Learn more about where to Hike in Texas.


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