Cairn Box Sept 2020

Welcome to the Cairn Box for Sept 2020. See what was including this month and learn more about this outdoor subscription box from Cairn.

Welcome back to another Cairn Unboxing! Here is what I received in the Cairn Box for Sept 2020.

This month’s theme was all about being ‘Small & Mighty’, so each item was a super-packable item that also brings a lot of functionality.

Starting at just $29.99 per month, Cairn outdoor boxes are curated to your needs based off of a short member profile, and each month you receive a handful of items from amazing brands that you may have heard of, but also brands that are definitely upcoming that you should know.

What’s in the boxxxx?

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Outdoor Element

The Fire Escape is a patented first-responder fire-starting multitool carabiner


Task light, emergency light, overhead light, Luci Core does it all


This gluten-free, guilt-free protein bar is the perfect wholesome snack for a healthy lifestyle.

Outdoor Element

Fire Escape

According to Cairn, the Fire Escape by Outdoor Element is the “first-responder inspired evolution of the award-winning Firebiner multitool carabiner”. Super durable and it has the patented EverSpark fire-starting system which is a perfect addition to any hike or backpacking trip.

Besides the fire starter it also includes a seatbelt cutter, a carbide-tipped glass breaker, an O2 and a hex wrench. Definitely covers a few of the 10 Essential items, and a must-have in the outdoors.

Learn more about Outdoor Element at the website:


Luci Core

The Luci Core is a fantastic solar-powered light packing 40 lumens for a variety of lighting situations. A full charge will last up to 12 hours, and the adjustability makes it easy to light in a many different directions.

The Luci Core is solar-powered, but also has a USB port for an additional quick-charge solution.

Learn More about MPOWERD at the website:


Protein bar

Coincidentally, I had purchased a few RXBARs to take with me on my Garner state park hike, so it gave me a chuckle when I opened this box and saw the exact flavor I bought.

They are made with the ingredients on the front of the package and nothing more. Perfect for fueling before and after a hike, a healthy snack, or even a small meal replacement.

RXBARs feature all-natural ingredients and all natural ingredients, but gotta say a bit on the chewy side. These bars also don’t have any texture to them, so if that’s your thing I’d suggest something else.

The flavors of the banana does come through despite everything being blended together. So if you like the protein from the nuts, but don’t want to fish out chunks of almonds, then this is a great option. Different strokes for different folks.

Affiliate Disclosure

Crossing all of the I’s and lower case… J’s.

As per all of my previous posts, these Cairn boxes are sent to me from Cairn for review, but know that all of the opinions are my own. Learn how you can start your own subscription HERE, and learn why I picked Cairn as the best outdoor subscription box HERE.

Additionally, this post may feature affiliate links from REI, Amazon, but commissions received are at no extra cost to you. They are used to keep the page going, and are really appreciated.

How did you like the Cairn box for Sept 2020? Let me know if you’d use any of these products in the comment section!


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