fairfield lake sp entrance sign

fairfield lake sp entrance sign

Fairfield Lake State Park Visit Recap

Here’s what you can expect at Fairfield Lake State Park. Learn about camping, hiking, and the wildlife at this East Texas park.

Fairfield Lake State Park is on the edge of what most would start calling East Texas, and here guests can enjoy amazing views of the water, fishing, hiking, and camping. It’s a great place for a day trip or camp out for the entire family.

This section of Texas has a few other state parks nearby. If you’re looking to check out another state park in the area, look into Fort Parker SP. Click the link for the full recap.

If you’re into birding, Fairfield Lake SP is a nesting area for Bald Eagles in the colder months, and while non were spotted during this visit, it was an exciting feeling to potentially see one nearby.

Initial Impressions

This park’s main draw is, of course, the lake. Two main roads are at this park that will take you to two sides of the water. Each section offers a boat ramp at the end, but one-half is where all of the camping sites are located at.

Just after the headquarters is the first road to your left that also has two points of interest. Point of interest number two on the map is for the Chancellor Union Cemetery. Here you can learn a little more about some early inhabitants of this area.

The second is point of interest number one, and this is a fishing section that used to be the original boat ramp. There is a small fishing pier here, and some walkable bank to fish from.

This entire area of the park is a fun picnic area as well. Lovely views of the water and scenery made this a great spot during the fall, but summertime here is surely packed with people swimming in the designated swimming area.

Views of the lake. Fairfield Lake SP. 2021 Author’s Own.


There are three main camping areas at Fairfield Lake SP: Springfield Camping Area, Cooks Ferry Camping Area, and Post Oak Camping Area.

Each camping area has plenty of camping sites, but with how lush this area is, the trees do a great job at creating space in between each site.

Camping Area/ Type# of SitesCostBest Use
Electricity Sites; Cooks, Post Oak 93$20 RVs
Campsites w/ water; Springfield33$15Tents

There is technically a primitive camping area, but it is closed at the time of this posting. Check with the park directly for the most current information about this area.

The camping areas here are all relatively near water, and some campsites may even have access to a small trail that will lead you down to the water. So take a moment to look around from your campsite if you’re staying in one on the waterside. You may just have a fun treat that makes a perfect way to start your day. Nothing like having some coffee and watching the sunrise over the lake.

If you’re traveling with kids, the Cooks Ferry Camping area does have a small playground and a sand volleyball court for some added entertainment. And each camping section has a restroom with showers.

Restrooms here were dated, but clean enough.

If you’re staying at the Springfield Camping Area, be on the lookout for point of interest number three. Just next to the amphitheater is the Hill Homestead Well. It doesn’t seem like it’s still in use, but feel free to yell your favorite line from “The Goonies”.

Hiking at Fairlfield Lake SP

With all of the campsites also come all of the trails. Fairfield Lake SP lists four main trails at this park of varying degrees.

If you’re interested in hunting for a new bird to add to your list then check out the Birdwatching Trail. It’s a moderate hike and is only 0.7 miles.

The trail is a bit woody in sections and a bit overgrown, but look for the benches to lead you around. If you park at the trailhead you’ll see your car from half of the trail.

This trail has some interpretive signs too that inform visitors of some of the plant and wildlife.

If hiking under the trees is more your thing, then make your way to the two-mile Nature Trail. This is rated as easy, but was very fun to hike. You hike along the shoreline of the lake, and there are also interpretive signs that tell you about all of the wildlife you’ll see at this park.

One of the animals you’ll see plenty of in the water here is the North American River Otter. These playful animals can be seen splashing around the entire lake, and if you are patient you might even see them swimming along the banks.

On the Nature Trail, you’ll enjoy a stroll through the mix of forest trees, and will be shaded for most of your hike. To add some mileage hop onto the .4 mile Scenic Loop. This will give you some additional views of the lake, and offers plenty of birding opportunities. Including that Bald Eagle mentioned earlier.

If you’re hiking for miles then check out the 5.3 mile Dockery Trail. This trail is for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, and takes you through the majority of the park.

This trail starts at the headquarters and ends just before the Scenic Loop. Not entirely near water, but you’ll be able to visit point of interest number five, the Dockery Trail Overlook.

Trees along the Nature Trail, Fairfield Lake SP


Fairlfield Lake State Park Overall

This is a great state park away from the bustle of the Dallas, Fort-Worth metroplex, and at night you don’t hear any road noise. The cities are far enough away that made the stars shine brightly through the tent at night, and made you feel like you enjoying time in the outdoors.

Bonus points if you have watercraft as this park is a top fishing destination. Plenty of boaters were getting out on the water during this visit.

Have you been to this park? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.



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