Gear Review: Kuhl Silencr Rogue Pants

Kuhl Silencr Rogue Pants are an amazing hiking pant with some great features. Learn more about them in the full review.

When you rip into the polybag of a new pair of Kuhl products you’re going to find a statement on its tags and sticker that simply states, “Our Passion is in the Product”. The first impression is the feel of the fabric, the quality of the stitching, and holding that in your hand you’ll know that Kuhl means business. This was definitely the case with the Kuhl Silencr Rogue Pants. You can learn more about Kuhl and the other hiking pants they make on the official website.

Disclaimer: This pair of pants was sent to me for my review, but all opinions are my own.

I’ve reviewed Kuhl pants on this site before, and they are my everyday pants, not just my hiking pants, but the Silecr Rogue pants do fall under the hiking category, so I decided to hit the trails in San Marcos, TX at Purgatory Creek Nature Trail, and see how they compare to other Kuhl pants I’ve hiked in.

About Kuhl Clothing

Kuhl, as its branding states, was born in the mountains. They also are proud of the following pillars:

KÜHL is Independent
No private equity
No paid celebrities
No paid athletes
Just great product, pure and simple

The pride they take in their clothing can be seen and felt, and it’s good to know its made of the people and for the people. You get a real sense about the team behind the brand, knowing they’re actually using the produts themselves.

Stretch & Breathability of the Kuhl Silencr Rogue Pant

The Silencr Rogue is the tapered version of the fuller cut Silencr. Kuhl is known for its selective fabrications, and with these, you’ll experience the exclusive REFLEX fabric to give it plenty of stretch and durability.

They are not quite as trim as some of the other pants Kuhl offers, like the Renegade Afire, but definitely tapered from the original. They had a good opening on the bottom to fit over my hiking boots.

The REFLEX Shoftshell fabric feels really lightweight, but there wasn’t an opportunity to test its durability. One thing about this fabric compared to the other pants from Kuhl is the texture of the fabric itself. Upon initial wearing, you do feel it a bit on your legs. Nothing aggravating or overly-noticeable, but something that is there.

If you plan on wearing these for longer periods during the day, the material offers amazing sun protection at UPF 50, and offers water resistance. Perfect if you need to cross a low stream or creek while on the trail.

That water resistance does come at a cost though.

Even tested in a mild climate (60 degrees, December) the pants don’t breathe as easily as some other fabrics they use, and at around mile four my legs began to sweat, and that made the texture of the pants become more noticeable.

The REFLEX Softshell is 100% Mechanical Stretch Polyester, so that may explain some of the breathability issues, but on the bright side, when I decided to take a quick break to eat a snack, they don’t trap the heat indefinitely. My legs were able to cool off when stopped, and it’s that texture that helps with quick evaporation.

How do they feel while hiking?

The material itself is great for durability and stretch, but much more is built into the pants that allow for comfort.

For starters, the waistband features a soft micro-chamois lining that is super soft on your skin and hardly noticeable.

Pair that with a gusseted crotch, and articulated seaming, these pants move with your legs effortlessly when walking on flat ground, or when you have to step onto a rock or crouch below some branches.

They are designed for mobility, so if you’re new to Kuhl pants, they may seem like they have a lot of stitching, but it’s all for one main purpose: comfort.

Kuhl Silencr Rogue Pants Storage

These are not cargo pants. They feature six pockets: Two on the front, two on the back, and one on either side of your upper thigh for a phone or pocket knife.

I wish one of the back pockets was zippered to secure a key fob or important documents though and had a dry lining for carrying a map without the worry of it getting messed up with sweat.


Kuhl Silencr Rogue Purchase Details

The Silencr Rogue pants currently sell for around $95.00, (affiliate link), and are worth every penny. They will last you a long time and work well on the trails or anywhere else you need sturdy pants.

Are you a fan of Kuhl pants or clothes? What is your favorite article from them? Drop your fave in the comment section!

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