Great Springs Project; The 100 Mile Trail

The Great Springs Project is a proposed 100-mile trail that will link the four major springs in central Texas. Learn more about the trail:

The Great Springs Project is proposing a 100-mile trail from Austin to San Antonio, and its purpose is to create outdoor recreation space, but also for conservation of the 50,000 acres of lands surrounding the Edwards Aquifer.

The trail will connect the four main central Texas springs: Barton Springs, San Marcos Springs, Comal Springs, and San Antonio Springs.

In December 2020, the National Park Service announced its partnership with planning and assistance, and ‘support to help make outdoor recreation and conservation spaces vital, life-enhancing part of their communities’.

This is one heck of a task, and navigating public and private lands will take a lot of effort and convincing, but if this gets completed the 100-mile trail will be something to be in awe of for sure.

The hopeful end date to the project is 2036, so just in time for the Texas bicentennial. That will be a fantastic way to celebrate.

Trail Map

The project is definitely still in the planning stages, so no official pathway has been set, but if you know the geographical locations of the springs, then somewhat parallel to the IH-35 corridor will be imperative.

Knowing that, and know what is along the way makes the efforts that this project requires even more of a feat.


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To learn more about the 100-mile Great Springs project check out the official website, and read up on some of the project initiatives.

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