Review: Arcade Belts are a Top Hiking Pick.

In this review of Arcade Belts you’ll learn about how they hold up on the trail, what other users they excel at and more.

If you’re looking for a new hiking belt then you need to know about Arcade Belts. They are the top pick for active lifestyles, they are affordable, and they are built to last. In this Arcade Belts review you’ll learn about how they function and price point.

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Arcade belts are perfect for casual or active wear. Image courtesy Arcade Belts website.

Who are Arcade Belts?

The About Us page describes them as, “Founded on the belief that belts could be designed to function better, last longer and be more comfortable. Developed from the ground up with materials that are built to go everywhere and anywhere, each Arcade belt provides a custom fit, sturdy hold, and the right amount of flexibility to move with you”.

Arcade Belts Feature

The belts described in this post are specifically for the Adventure line of belts. They make additional categories including: Capture, Futureweave, Leather, and even suspenders.

The stretch in these belts is what you’ll notice immediately after wearing them. They are sized to stretch to size 42, but at no point do the belts feel like they’re losing strength. They are a perfect width, and because of the durable materials, they don’t fold over while wearing them.

The buckle is made of plastic, and that makes this a fully synthetic belt that also makes it a great travel belt. You won’t need to remove it while traveling through the airport.

Clipping the belt buckle does require you to look at the two pieces the first few times to adjust to how they are designed, but once you get it down it’s much easier. The curved shape creates more space to lock the other end into place and create a great hold.

Adjusting the belt is great too because you can find your precise fit without worrying about it loosening up while wearing. Because it holds so well, adjusting the belt takes a little bit of elbow grease to slide the length properly, but that’s just added assurance it’ll stay comfortable.

The excess belt slides into the elastic band underneath the belt so you don’t have any excess belt hanging out of your shirt.

And best of all, the synthetic materials are durable to use, but also to moisture! The great thing about these belts is that you can leave them on your pants when you wash them, and they’ll come out just fine.

They have updated some of their materials to features recycled plastics, so they also are aware of the environment and are finding ways to reuse plastics.

Check out this video to learn how easy they are to use:


The Adventure belts come in a variety of widths and lengths, but they start at $29.99 which is bananas for how top-quality they are.

They make a lot of great color and theme options, but Arcade Belts also have licensing for some of your favorite icons including Grateful Dead and Smokey the Bear.

So now that you’ve read the review of Arcade Belts you’ve hopefully made a decision on whether or not these are your perfect belt for your next hiking adventure.


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