The Texas Trailhead Podcast Episode 6: Bastrop State Park

I’ve been to Bastrop State park multiple times now since the fire
I have driven by it for almost a decade driving back to Houston, but nothing prepares you for seeing the devastation up close.
Bastrop is a place that I love to visit and hike.
I send people there frequently for the trails, the views, and the history. This is after all another of the CCC parks.
So there are some key points of interest that I want to focus on

The historic water fountains.
Fehrs Overlook
And the other scenic overlook that is across from the water tower.

So definitely come hike here. I think you’ll enjoy the terrain changes and find some great challenges on the trails here.
I still see new things everytime I hike here.
And one quick note to add.
The park map designates the trails as colors, the trail map designates them with the names I provided. I recommend just grabbing both maps and using them as a guide, as some posts show either. And if you’re there just for the day its helpful to know, well it was for me anyway, but each parking spot along the main road is also a trailhead. So if youre planning a loop, you can just see where you want to get your car.
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