Cairn Box Review: January 2021

Here are the details for the Cairn box review for January 2021. See what items were included, and what you can expect from the box.

The headline for the January 2021 Cairn Box Review was “Out There”, and the items were teased as things you never want to be left without. It goes on to say, ‘ Don’t cut your adventures short, pack the right gear’.

So I was really excited to see the three items for this month, and they are for sure things I’m going to keep handy. One of them is also highly recommended from the 10 Essentials, so perfect for that camping/backpacking set up.

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January 2021 Cairn Box Items

NOKA Nut Butters

NOKA has been making highly-reviewed superfood fruit pouches for quite some time, but they have recently introduced all-new nut butters to the mix.

Macadamia Coconut was the flavor in the monthly box, and it seems to pack a punch. It features 4g of prebiotic fiber, 5g of plant protein and only 2g net carbs. Great fuel for the trail.

The emergency blanket is one of the 10 Essential Items, so it was a pleasure to see one included in the Cairn box for January 2021. Survive Outdoors Longer is a company known for making great adventure items, and this emergency blanket is right on par with what to expect from them.

The SOL emergency blanket is made with vacuum-metalized polyethylene, and a high-visibility orange exterior that reflects 90% of your body heat back to you. That’s all fancy talk to explain that this blanket is going to keep you warm when you need it the most.

The durability of it also means it won’t shred to pieces if you accidentally nick it while using it for a emergency shelter.

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Speaqua is a repeat brand, but the product offered is different. They are known for making durable speakers, but this go round we’re introduced to an upcoming product assortment: solar-powered energy bank.

This power bank is boasted as water resistant and rugged, but out of the box it felt a bit plastic-y. After I plugged it in for an initial charge, the directions didn’t do a whole lot to explain how I know when it’s being charged in the sun.

I’m looking forward to getting more use out of it, and giving it a full review once I figure it out.

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