Cairn Unboxing: August 2020

Check out the latest Cairn Unboxing for August 2020. See which brands were featured, and learn about this outdoor subscription box.

We’re back with another Cairn Unboxing for August 2020. The theme for this box was all about ‘Good Taste’, so we transitioned from hydration in July to snacks, and there was a bit of a change with this month.

August 2020

Cairn Unboxing

Normally you’ll receive a rectangular box with all of your goodies, but this month was a brown-padded mailer. No biggie, but it was important to ensure all of the contents were in tact as one of the items in the envelope was a little wider and it caused the package to come unglued.

Cairn is my top pick for outdoor subscription box, so I encourage you to read about that, and see the other products in past packages as well. If you’re looking for just the visual, scroll down to watch the YouTube video.

This month featured items great for cooking and eating, and were all suitable for short hikes and packable for those longer treks as well.

August 2020 Cairn Products

Mont Y Boca Trailmeals Cookbook
Mont Y Boca Trailmeals Cookbook

This cookbook is designed to spruce up your hiking meals. Small enough to pack these recipes require less than 10 ingredients and are made quickly.

HumanGear Quattro
HumanGear Quattro

HumanGear makes a double appearance this month. 1st up was this multi-tool utensil set with everything you need to dig into your next meal.

HumanGear Flexibowl
HumanGear Flexibowl

The silicone bow is bendy, flexy, and can be used for a multitude of applications. The angles help prevent spilling, and the material allows for bending and slurping.

Skout Organic Protein Bar
Skout Organic Protein Bar

Skout makes high-quality bars that provide all the fuel you need for those extra miles. The organic, all-natural ingredients was tasty while I was out all day fishin in the Blanco River in Texas.

So as stated in the description, I’ve already chomped down on the Skout Protein Bar. It was chocolate and cherries, and was a great middle of the day snack while I was out on the water fishing.

The HumanGear products are really well thought out. They serve a purpose out on the trail, but can totally be used for car camping as well. The bowl was a bit of a head-shaker at first, but once you learn more about the details; the angled ridge for example, then you really appreciate the company’s intentions.

The bowl and utensils are both designed with the user-experience in mind. The bowl ridge is angled to help prevent easy spilling, it folds and bends to ease pouring into another pot or into your mouth; and the Quattro utensils feature everything you need at the table and are good for reuse, so you’re not throwing away anything unnecessary.

The Trailmeals Cookbook is probably my favorite of the bunch for August. It contains multiple checklists to prepare for cooking and camping, and the recipes features meals that are easy to make, and won’t force you to overload your packs.

That being said… not all of the recipes are intended for backpacking trips. There are a few, German Potato Salad, that may require too many weighted ingredients for backpacking, but the biggest takeaway is this book is great for cooking outside. Changing your meals from the normal pre-packed, just-add-water pouches and the like.

I hope you enjoyed the Cairn Unboxing for August 2020. Let me know what products you’d use in the comments below!

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Cairn Subscription Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cairn. While they sent me this box for review all of the opinions are my own.


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