Gear Review: Ledlenser MH5 Rechargeable Headlamp

Headlamps and light are part of the 10 Essential items, so any brand should be part of your hiking setup. In this review of the Ledlenser MH5 Rechargeable Headlamp, you’ll see how its features set it apart and what it’s a top pick.

Why is a headlamp important for hiking/camping?

Headlamps are going to serve multiple purposes. If you’re hiking somewhere new and you happen to lose your way your phone flashlight isn’t going to be bright enough to light the trail. And besides, you don’t want to burn your phone battery using it for a flashlight.

At the campsite having a headlamp helps when you have to walk around at night to use the restroom, or just walk around when it gets dark.

Most modern tents also feature small pockets for headlamps that utilize special fabrics to light up your tent.

Ledlenser Lights

The Ledlenser company was started 20 years ago by two brothers that wanted to change how to use LED lighting in a more beneficial manner.

The V8 Photonpump and P7 models sold millions of units and the next wave of portable lighting has taken off since.

Best known for the amazing flashlights, Ledlenser amped-up production with a new U.S. facility and has broadened its assortment to include high-powered lanterns and headlamps for plenty of occupations and interests.

MH5 Recheargeable Headlamp

The MH series of headlamps falls under the “outdoor headlamp” category, but they are suitable for more than just the outdoors.

MH5 Features

Dual Colors

White and red light options to adjust to whatever situation you’re in.

Two power options

Utilize the primary battery or plug it into the magnetic charging cord.

Focus lighting

Up to 400 lumens and 180-meter beam distance on high power.

Multiple mounting points

Remove headlamp light and use it as a flashlight. Also has a metal clip to attach.

Ledlenser MH5 Headlamp

Light Functionality

For white mode lighting, you’ll just turn the button on the top. The first press will be for low power and hitting the power button again will turn on the high-power light.

If you want to turn on the red light then all you have to do is hold the power button again for three seconds.

The great thing about the headlamp is you can rotate the dial on the light to focus the light tighter on whatever you need a closer look at.

This is great to change the light from a flood style to more of a spotlight.

Charging Capabilities

The Ledlenser MH5 rechargeable headlamp comes with a battery that can be recharged and a magnetic power cord that is plugged in via a USB cord that is included in the box.

Because the headlamp is detachable you can take it off from the headband, open the light itself and change the battery if needed. If you only have regular batteries those can be used as well to power the headlamp.

This makes this super optimal for hiking long distances without an electrical power source.

For high-power mode, the battery will work for 4 hours, but on the low power setting the headlamp should work up to 35 hours.

Various lighting scenarios will blink to let you know what conditions the battery life is left.


The Ledlenser MH5 Rechargeable Headlamp comes with a five-year warranty that can be upgraded to a seven-year when you register your device. The rechargeable battery also comes with a 24-month warranty as well.

With that can of backing, you can be confident your product will work, but also feel good knowing you can get it fixed.

Where can you buy one?

Head over to the Texas Trail Company and find the Ledlenser MH5 Rechargeable Headlamp in four colors including: Black, Blue, White, and Orange.


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