The Best Backpacking Stoves for 2022

Keeping your gear light and effecient is important on the trail. Check out The Texas Trailhead top picks for the best backpacking stoves for 2020.

Thinking about doing an extensive through-hike? Eating is important, so continue reading to learn about the best backpacking stoves for 2022.

Backpacking is all about ounces. The lighter you can get your load seems to be the marker for how successful you’ll be out on the long-distance trail. Part of being able to last for that amount of time involves, of course, being able to eat while hiking. A lot of food can be consumed from a pouch with water, but having a warm meal is something that hikers would agree is a nice reward after a long day.

The recommended backpacking stoves are of course a means to an end. You’ll need either fuel or a light source and/or both for most of these. One of the remaining options that I won’t list below, but are common among backpackers, is the cat can and alcohol method.

Denatured alcohol, ethanol, or similar spirits can be used in a small tin can and lit. That fuel is readily available and can be stored in most containers without the worry of combustion. Similarly, the Solo Stove Alcohol Burner Stove($20.00) meets the requirements of a more, um, elevated manner.

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In no particular order:

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Weight: 13.1 oz

The added weight may be a deterrent, but Jetboil flash systems work quickly, includes a heating element, and has a few multi-use functions for the cup.

MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove

Weight: 2.6 oz

Great lightweight stove for beginners, or seasoned trail vets. Fuel not included.

BRS 3000T

25 grams

Titanium Allow, sturdy grip, generates 27000W, heats up quickly.

AOTU portable camp stove

AOTU Portable Camp Stove

110 grams.

Adjustable flame control, and comes with storage, Piezo ignition.

These picks were based on extensive review research to find the top picks. Do you have a preferred cooking system? Let me know in the comments below!


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