Here are the 29 State Parks Built by the CCC

The Civilian Conservation Corps were an astounding New Deal program in the 1930s responsible for helping create our Texas State Parks. Find them all here!

When I first started hiking I slowly began to notice that certain parks had somewhat of a similar feel to the aesthetic, and it wasn’t until I visited Bastrop State Park that I learned more about the Civilian Conservation Corps, or the CCC. Read on to learn about the 29 Texas state parks built by the CCC. 

Texas and U.S. history are two things I never really appreciated until recently. When those two things collide I’m sucked into learning about the events that took place and the lasting impression that remains.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was dealing with the Great Depression he created a program that put people to work that would, in part, build some of Texas’ great state parks. This project continued from 1933- 1942, and what’s great is a lot of the main structures still exist, and even some of the smaller projects like water fountains can still be found hiding amidst the plant life.

The men would earn a set amount of money for their work, and the major portion of that would be sent back to their families. They would have places to sleep, food, and get some great time spent working outside. But they were working and making money. They were also crafting some of the most unique structures that can still be found all around Texas.

This of course is a short version. For a more detailed description of the Texas State Parks and the CCC, I highly recommend this book:

If you’re interested in visiting these 29 parks I’ve listed them below. Pay attention to the similarities in the stonework, and the woodwork that can be found at the CCC parks. I’m marveled at the fact that a lot of these men had no previous experience doing any of this, but yet, found ways to create long lasting beauty that holds on through today, some 80 years later. Visit the interactive site here for more info on the history of each park and more!

Abilene SP

Balmorhea SP

Bastrop SP

Big Spring SP

Blanco SP

Bonham SP

Buescher SP

Caddo Lake SP

Cleburne SP

Daingerfield SP

Davis Mountains SP

Fort Parker SP

Garner SP

Goliad SP

Goose Island SP

Inks Lake SP

Lake Brownwood SP

Lake Corpus Christi SP

Lockhart SP

Longhorn Cavern SP

Meridian SP

Mission Tejas State Park

Mother Neff State Park

Palmetto SP

Palo Duro Canyon SP

Possum Kingdom SP

Tyler SP


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