Kammok Crosswing: The Fastest Deploying Car Awning

The Kammok Crosswing awning is the latest Kickstarter project from this Austin, Texas outdoor company. Learn more about this new outdoor gear.

Austin’s own Kammok has begun its latest Kickstarter project to immediate praise, and vehicle campers, overlanders, and casual outdoor folks should be excited for the Kammok Crosswing awning. Dubbed as “the fastest deploying car awning”, the funding has already reached its goal of $10,000, but there are still some great opportunities to save on bundles for the awning and a handful of other pieces Kammok makes.

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Image courtesy Kammok

So who is Kammok?

First and foremost Kammok is a hammock maker in Austin, TX. They’re known for making amazingly high-quality hammocks, straps, and now feature hammock stands, hammock tents, and blankets.

They also make ultralight gear as well to take on those longer trips.

They’re no strangers to the Kickstarter campaigns, as this one is their 10th item funded by the people for the people.

According to their press release, “Kammok was the first outdoor company to launch on Kickstarter over 11 years ago.
The first Kammok hammock premiered in 2011 on the platform and paved the way for nine
successfully funded Kickstarter projects, over $1.9 million in funding, and a complete lineup of
outdoor products available on Kammok.com. The Crosswing is the 10th Kickstarter project to
debut on the platform. The launch marks a new category offering from Kammok, expanding their
existing line of elevated camp gear to on-vehicle.

You can learn more about CEO Craig McEvilly from an episode of the TXTH Podcast.

“Kammok was founded with the simple belief in the restorative power of the outdoors, and we
design gear to elevate time outside. Simply put, we want to make your experiences in the
outdoors as restful and enjoyable as possible. The Crosswing is the first awning of its
kind—your essential on-vehicle shelter for both the spur of the moment adventure and the
extended stay at camp.“

-Greg McEvilly, Founder and CEO

The Crosswing Awning

Image courtesy Kammok

Typical awnings go something like this; unzip bag, roll out awning, place one leg on the corner with one hand, place a second arm down, lock in place, tighten to correct height, tie down arms. And voila! You’re ready to rest under the shade.

The Crosswing Awning is “the only awning on the market designed for immediate use”, and boasts a three-second deployment!

It features an X-Frame system that locks into place when you pull the cover from the case, and can be pulled out to three different lengths: 2ft, 4ft, and 6.5ft. Great way to only use the length you need depending on needs or space availability.

It also features mold-resistant polyester, and is waterproof, so perfect for protecting you from the elements.

Crosswing Sizing & Mounting Options

The Kammok Crosswing Awning is initially available in two sizes, a five-foot option, and a seven-foot option. Two industry-standard size options to fill the needs of your specific vehicle.

According to Kammok, the mountain brackets should be suitable for a wide range of racks, including crossbar style and t-slot racks. The way it’s mounted also allows for adjustability on the angle in which the awning is deployed. If you have a shorter vehicle, or are a taller person, you can adjust the angle as needed, or suitable for your needs.

This would also be good for any precipitation that may be occurring during your campout.

Image courtesy Kammok

Additional Features:

Quick Lock and Ratchet System
Crosswing’s Pronto Latch™ allows you to quickly add
tension to the fabric and lock the awning in place. To
close the awning, simply unlock the Pronto Latch™ and
Robust, Weather Resistant Fabric
VeloX™ 600D PVC Coated Polyester fabric deploys in
three seconds to shade you from the harshest sun and
keep you dry in any downpour.
Durable, Bagless Housing
A bag-free design allows for lightning-fast setup at a
moment’s notice, while the tough-as-nails aluminum
housing prevents rust for a lifetime of adventure.

Versatile Mounts
The included Talon Mounts™ fit a wide variety of roof rack
systems including aero bars, round bars, and roof rack
systems with compatible T-slots.
Adventure Grade Guarantee
The Crosswing is backed by Kammok’s Adventure Grade

Initial thoughts & Concerns

As with any item that is in its first iteration, there is a certainly raised eyebrow for something of this magnitude.

Does this project look amazing? Yes, yes it does. Does it look like it would fly up and bend backwards in a wind gust? Yes, yes it does.

There is a mention of accessories that can be added to the Crosswing’s t-slot, but until those are ready, it might be smart to figure out some sort of tie down method to keep it from flapping up.

A commenter on the Youtube video had the same question and this was the response:

Without yet having the opportunity to see this in wind, maybe this video will help answer any additional questions:

If you want in on the Kammok Crosswing Awning Kickstarter, check out the project here.


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