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How To Make Texas State Park Reservations for Camping and Day Use

Reserving a spot for hiking and day use is really easy. Find out how to make Texas State Park reservations online with this helpful guide!

Did you know that you can now make reservations online for Texas State Parks?

To make Texas State Park reservations is really easy. The system recently had an update, and now you simply create an account, pick out which site you want to reserve, and then show up with your confirmation number! This information will also apply to making day-use reservations as well.

Reserve America is the powerhouse behind the updated system, and this company has its own independent site you can use to reserve campsites wherever you’re looking to stay.

I’ve used it while traveling, so know it has a great reputation for being able to locate sites efficiently.

How to set up your reservation:

Go to the Texas State Parks site and create an account. If you have a park pass you can enter it too.

If you’re going from the specific state park site you won’t need to do this part, but if you’re just curious about what’s available you can enter the state park you want to camp at. It will suggest places close to you as well. There’s also a drop-down menu that you can find the primary activity you’re interested in.

Type in the date range you’re looking to stay, but know there’s a ‘flexibility’ option if you’re open to days outside of that particular window.

Here’s where it will give you your selection, but also show you parks close by as well. Helpful if you haven’t memorized my parks by region!

Once you click your park and the days a map will open of the park that will have all of the available sites, or for day use the days that are open. Each site is clickable, so you can see if you’ll like the amount of shade, etc. (Though know I’ve arrived at sites that I didn’t love in person, and they were really willing to move me if the park wasn’t full)

Once you select your site you can reserve it with your credit card. And if you haven’t you’ll be asked to create a profile. Here is where you can highlight your park pass number if it’s there. I created an account after I purchased a park pass, so I was unable to use it online, but know they will refund your entrance fee when you check out. It’s a minor annoyance but definitely resolved.

One of the added benefits of making Texas State Park reservations online is the ability to reserve on the go. I’ve been traveling and was able to reserve a site on my phone before I arrived at the campsite if I was worried sites would fill up quickly.

Have you reserved online yet? If so, how was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section and maybe someone else can use your feedback.

All of the additional customer service questions for the Texas State Parks reservations can be found here.


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