The Top 4 Places to Hike in Lakeway, TX

The Top 4 Places to Hike in Lakeway, TX

In this latest guest contribution, Victoria Flores showcases some of the best central Texas offers. She maintains one of my favorite outdoor Instagram accounts, so make sure you give her a follow and explore along with her.

Author: Victoria Rosa Flores | Roam the Outer Space

Located about 40 minutes outside of the city of Austin, TX, Lakeway will greet you with winding roads through the hills and beautiful views of Lake Travis. Nestled within the area are the perfect spots to hike to take a breather and surround yourself with nature.

Let’s take a look at what makes each of these parks – Hamilton Greenbelt, Lakeway City Park, River Place Nature Trail, and Bee Cave City Park – unique hiking spots!

Hamilton Greenbelt

The Hamilton Greenbelt is a trail system tucked away in Lakeway, TX. While hiking along the Hamilton Greenbelt, you’ll come across Hurst and Yapon creeks, small waterfalls, and a pond with lily pads if you follow the signs for “Sailmaster/Waterfall.” These little things are what make the Hamilton Greenbelt special.

The trail, which is gravely and flat, is approximately 2.7 miles out and back and takes about an hour to complete. This is also a Texas summer-friendly park because most of it is shaded!

The Top Features:

  • Well-paved gravel trails
  • Creeks
  • Small waterfalls
  • Biking trails
  • Bird blind
  • Overlooks

Hours of Operation:

  • Daily from sunrise to sunset

Lakeway City Park

Lakeway City Park

Also within the neighborhoods of Lakeway, Lakeway City Park is a beautiful hidden gem that gives you the best views of Lake Travis. For hiking, there is a paved Lake Loop Trail that is almost 1.5 miles long, and it loops around the entire park. You can add the Challenger Trail to your hike for extra mileage, which you can access near the basketball court or main entrance. These trails are ideal for runners, hikers, or someone who wants to take a relaxing stroll during the day.

In 2023, the lake levels are way below average, but when the lake is full on a regular day, you can access the water easily from this park. There are several launch points for a kayak, paddleboard, or beach area if you want to swim. And for safety, this park has a section where you can borrow life jackets for adults and kids. Do not attempt these water activities until the Lake Travis water levels are normal.

The Top Features:

  • Playground
  • Well-maintained trails
  • Lake Travis views
  • Picnic tables
  • Volleyball nets
  • Baseball field
  • Basketball court
  • Dog park
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Exercise equipment 

Hours of Operation:

  • 6 am to 10 pm

Riverplace Nature Trail

2,736 steps. Yes, you read that right! Known as the most challenging hike in the city of Austin, River Place Nature Trail is only minutes away from Lakeway, TX. This trail is the place to go if you are looking for an intense hike that takes you through elevation changes (good for backpacking practice). As you make your journey, you’ll be so deep within nature that you’ll lose the sense of being in the city. 

Before you start your hike, you must pay a $10 fee. However, there is no fee outside peak hours (e.g., weekends are high-traffic hours, so there will be a fee). The 3-mile trail is one way only, so you’ll have to hike back down or take an Uber back to the parking lot. Please refer to the map above.

As a warning, snakes, like cottonmouths and rattlesnakes, are very much present here. It is essential to stay aware of your surroundings and always stay on the trail. Keep in mind that this is their home.

The Top Features:

  • Pond and creeks
  • Natural area
  • Elevated trails
  • Hill country views

Hours of Operation:

  • 6 am to 9 pm

Bee Cave City Park

You can easily miss it if you zoom around the area, but once you stop by, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this park. Only ~10 minutes outside Lakeway, you can explore the over 2 miles of paved trails that lead you through the park and into the neighboring area behind the Chick-fil-A. 

There is not a lot of shade along the trails, so keep that in mind when walking or running through the park – bring sunscreen and a sun hat.

Overall, this spot is excellent if you are looking for a place to bring kids to play at the playground, for someone to get in a walk after work, have a picnic with friends, or spend time training your dog at the dog park.

The Top Features:

  • Paved trails
  • Butterfly garden
  • Dog park
  • Basketball court
  • Playground
  • Open fields

Hours of Operation:

  • 8 am to 8 pm

Find Your Next Adventure in Lakeway, TX

Hamilton Greenbelt, Lakeway City Park, Riverplace Nature Trail, and Bee Cave City Park are all places where you can get outdoors and enjoy nature with friends, family, or solo! Lakeway is such a special place in the Hill Country. Did one of these parks catch your eye? Pick a park from this list you have yet to go to and add a note to your calendar to visit it soon.


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