This Sleep System is Your Outdoor UPGRADE

The Kammok Ursa is the ultimate sleep system to elevate your outdoor adventures. Learn about this new product from Austin, TX company.

Austin, Texas Kammok is at it again with its 11th Kickstarter campaign featuring its new sleep system URSA.

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This all-in-one sleeping pad is sure to elevate your camping experience. 

Kammok has successfully funded 10 other Kickstarter campaigns, including its Crosswing car awning, Sunda 2.0, and first Roo hammock. 

The URSA sleep system is a camping bed that includes a memory foam topper, a self-inflating base pad, and a comforter.  There will also be a camp pillow that you can purchase separately to complete the sleep setup. 

(For early backers Kammok will be throwing in the pillow)

Let’s get the weight of the URSA out of the way.  This is not intended for backpacking.  This is not an ultralight sleep system.  This is definitely for those who car camp or use their vehicle as an RV. Its total weight clocks in around 22 pounds. 

Kammok URSA sleep system

What’s Included:

Ursa Sleep SystemTM

1 x Base Pad

1 x Memory Foam Topper

1 x Camp Comforter

1 x Travel Case

*Pillow sold separately

Some features of the Kammok URSA

The self-inflating base pad has four inches of a base to help pad the solid ground.  Especially helpful on rockier terrain. 

The product sheet mentions the material being more familiar to your bed at home.  You won’t need to worry about the loud rubbing noises you find with a lot of other sleeping pads. 

The memory foam topper adds two inches and has an insulated hood built into it. It also features a removable, and machine-washable fitted sheet that can be cleaned up after a long trip.  

The comforter is made with 100% recycled Primaloft Rise insulation.  It’s rated for as low as 30 degrees, but the Primaloft offers a great balance of warmth and breathability.

The packed URSA from Kammok


 Base Pad L 80 x W 30 x H 4 in (L 152 x W 198 x H 192 cm)

Memory Foam Topper L 80 x W 30 x H 2 in (L 152 x W 198 x H 192 cm)

Camp Comforter L 82 x W 51 x H 3 in (L 152 x W 198 x H 192 cm)

Packed L 24 x W 32 x H 14 in (L 152 x W 198 x H 192 cm)

The oversized pillow will also be a foam-based material. It has an inflatable core you can adjust depending on how you sleep. The pillowcase is machine washable and features soft recycled polyester.

What do you think about the Kammok Ursa?

This sleep system can be used on its own, or attached to another URSA for the ultimate outdoor slumber party.

Its price point for Kickstarter starts at $599.95 for early bird backers, and will retail for $749.95, so it is a hefty price tag. But if it’s like any of Kammok’s other pieces of gear it’s sure to be high-quality.


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