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There are ways to support the United State Postal Service right now. Did you know the USPS has a Big Bend Postage stamp? Click to learn more

Did you know the USPS has a Big Bend postage stamp? Continue reading to learn more.

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The Coronavirus has sent the economy in a bit of a spiral and very few industries have been immune to the lack of income to keep them going. One of the worst hit would be our United States Postal Service.

A bailout of the USPS was rejected, and postal workers are at risk of losing their jobs, and the postal system could be in jeopardy. A lot of the mail that helps keep the USPS going has not continued, and other mail industries like UPS, FedEx and Amazon continue to take share away.

I can’t tell you the last time I actually mailed something, but I do have a small collection of stamps that are for more artistic purposes. I have Elvis stamps, I love Lucy stamps, stamps that memorialize the Negro Leagues, and even stamps from Cooperstown’s MLB Hall of Fame museum.

Did you know the USPS also has stamps that celebrate some of our national parks?

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They make a variety of parks including Texas’ own Big Bend National Park.

You can buy a sheet of stamps and use them for sending friends and family a note to keep in touch during these secluded times, or just collect them. If you’re more into collecting though they make additional items to hold on to like special edition envelopes with some canceled stamps on them.

I’d say my personal favorite is this national park print with embedded stamp to put on the wall. It’s a great reminder what supporting your parks benefits, but also helps the postal service as well.

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Check them out and if you’re a stamp collector, let me know what some of your favorites are in the comment section below! Click here for the podcast for more stories from the trail!


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