Will the new YETI bottle have you trading in your Nalgene?

The new Yeti Yonder water bottle raises a lot of eyebrows, but for hikers and backpackers this may be the perfect next purchase.

Austin, TX-based YETI has been a bottle and cooler juggernaut for decades because the items were built to last and kept your drinks hot/cold. YETI just launched the Yonder bottle that is lighter, isn’t insulated, and PLASTIC and fans of the brand are confused as to why?

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Being overbuilt is part of the brand’s mantra, so when the plastic water bottle was announced YETI’s comment section went haywire.

Initial Feedback for the Yeti Yonder

Fans of the brand seem to love what they do well, and making something out of plastic seems to have gone against everything YETI is known for.

The YONDER water bottle is marketed as its “lightest bottle yet”, but also durable as it’s shatter-resistant plastic. It features a familiar drinking spout and a three-finger twist-off cap. The bottle is available in four colors that are all translucent.

So here’s what it can’t do:

It’s not made for keeping drinks cold. It’s a plastic bottle and eventually, it will also accumulate condensation, and will not handle hot drinks or carbonation.

Here’s what it does though:

It’s light. According to the product description, “Yonder water bottles [are] strategically engineered to be both lightweight and virtually shatter resistant, allowing you to haul essential hydration further and higher”.

They are also BPA-free, and leakproof.

For hikers and backpackers having a lightweight bottle option is essential when you’re on long trips. Having used the Rambler bottle early on, shedding that weight is ideal.

But the issue is there’s already a great plastic water bottle that tons of outdoor enthusiasts adore in the Nalgene.

So that’s where a lot of commenters are confused.

When yeti started to release insulated cups and bottles brands started coming out of every corner replicating that technology, so it makes sense that YETI would take a quiet step backward to compete with something that’s used among plenty of hikers and backpackers, and fans of spending time outside.

The Yonder is available in two sizes: 25 oz for $25.00 and 34 oz for $28.00. In comparison, Nalgene bottles are available in a variety of sizes, but most commonly in a 32 oz wide mouth bottle at $15.99. And they’re made in the USA.

YETI? If it’s like all of their other products, they’ll be made in Asia.

So would you switch to the Yeti Yonder water bottle for your next adventure?


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