Arcade Belts Latest Artist Collaboration Featuring Hannah Eddy

Learn more about the recent Arcade Belts artist collaboration featuring Hannah Eddy. Arcade Belts are a top hiking pick.

Arcade Belts are TXTH’s top hiking belt because of their durability, price point, and creative designs. They collaborated with musicians, National Parks, outdoor enthusiasts, and amazing artists. The latest Arcade Belt collaboration is with artist Hannah Eddy.

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Hannah Eddy’s designs feature bright colors and bold designs. Based out of Reno, NV, she’s known for amazing murals around town, and all of her work features inspiration from nature and the outdoors.

She currently has three belts for Arcade and they each feature amazing line work, great geometric shapes, and fun colors that are sure to add a spark of color to our outfit.

You can learn more about her and her work here.

Read more about Arcade Belts and learn why they’re a top hiking pick.


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