Arcade Belts Launch new A2 Belt

Arcade Belts have launched a new A2 belt design featuring updated details that propel this even further as the top hiking belt pick.

Arcade Belts are the top hiking belt pick for this website, so anytime there’s an update there’s excitement. Arcade Belts have launched an updated design with its new A2 belt lineup.

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Updated Features

They’re still metal-free, they’re still stretchy, and they still have a lifetime guarantee with its high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

The A2 belt features an all-new buckle and contoured fit of the belt.

First the buckle.

New A2 buckle design for Arcade Belts

The new buckle design features a taper that makes it travel easier through belt loops. The buckle on the previous version was squared and wider than most belt loops making putting on and taking off tricky.

The stretch features REPREVE recycled yarn which gives a performance, quick-drying feel.

But the contoured shape of the belt will mirror the curve of your form and feel more comfortable around your waist.

The new A2 style will be featured is a select range of Arcade belts including the Atlas, Carto, and Out of Range styles. According to Arcade, additional A2 styles will arrive later in 2023.

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