Jester King Brewery adds new Trail

Jester King Brewery announces new 2-mile trail to give visitors an additional way to enjoy the natural landscape at the brewery. @jesterkingbeer

If you’re in the Austin area you may already be familiar with the famed Jester King Brewery. It’s known for farmhouse ales that are light and refreshing and pair well with the pizza that’s also available on site. As the brewery grows, so did the land acquisition around the brewery, so Jester King brewery added a new trail to further grow the outdoor experience.

In 2018 JK owner, Jeffrey Stuffings announced it would be buying the 107 acres next door, and according to the the press release at that time, “The land purchase brings the total acreage owned by Jester King up to 165. We had previously purchased 58 acres in 2015. We’re very happy that this land will not fall prey to encroaching residential development. Green space is becoming increasingly fleeting on the outskirts of Austin, and aside from agriculture, our land will not be developed. It will remain a beautiful place for people to enjoy long into the future”. Read the full release.

So as you can see the plan for the outdoor space had been in the works already, so it’s really cool to see it starting to come to fruition. You can see the plans for the trail in an early mock-up below.

Photo Credit: Jester King Brwery

Press Release: As Austin continues to face the necessity of safety precautions and regulations due to COVID-19, residents continue to turn to the outdoors as a means of respite and retreat. Whether it’s camping, hiking, or simply spending a day at the park, for many, consistent time outdoors has become just as essential for day-to-day health maintenance as any other practice. 

Jester King Brewery is using its 165 acres of land to offer local residents the chance to enjoy the outdoors in a unique way — through a 2-mile nature trail. Complete with signage, as well as the option to take a shorter, 0.5 farm trail loop, the trail will give guests the opportunity to hike in the beautiful Texas Hill Country… and see some goats along the way! When they’re done, they can walk straight over to grab a delicious beer and snag a few bites of pizza, smoked meats, and more at the brewery.

Photo Credit: Jester King Brewery

Please see the attached photos to get a sneak peek of the new trail. Reservations must be made here in order to gain trail access.

To ensure the comfort and safety of guests, masks must be worn at all times, except while eating and drinking at tables.

Featured Image Credit: Jester King Brewery

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