The Kammok Swiflet Makes Hanging a Breeze

Deep in the heart of Texas is where Kammok calls home, and it’s no longer just a hammock company. They’re moving full-force on creating gear to get people outdoors, but to also give folks options to enjoy a nice hammock swing if there aren’t trees around. Kammok created the Swiflet, a free-standing hammock stand that is easy to use, and makes anywhere you have space the perfect place to enjoy the relaxation of a hammock.

In this review of the Kammock Swiflet, you’ll learn more about what it does, what it costs, and hopefully, you’ll have enough information to make an informed decision.

Kammok has been featured on this website before and on the Texas Trailhead podcast. Check out these links if you’d like to learn a little more about this Austin, Texas company.

Disclaimer: I asked Kammok for a Swiflet for review and they were gracious to send me one, but all of the opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. If you make any purchases through these links the website will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Kammok Swiflet on the Port Aransas coast

Kammok Swiflet Features Include

The aluminum tubing connects together in either a long or short setup. (edit: they just announced an extender is available!) The short base turns the hammock into a swinging chair that is perfect for relaxing after a long day on trail. Want to lie down? Use the regular long tube, and if you want to sleep or are extra tall then you can use the extender to flatten you out for extra comfortable sleep.

It also comes with a travel bag that has a slot for each tube and different compartments to keep all of the pieces organized.

The bag has a nice crossbody strap to make carrying it a breeze, but the total packed weight is still under 20 lbs., so carrying it from, say, a car to the beach isn’t going to put too much of a strain on most people.

And most important is Kammok’s commitment to quality. This item qualifies for the Adventure Grade lifetime guarantee.


Short Bar Setup
12.6 lb / 201 oz

Long Bar Setup
14.5 lb / 232 oz

Total Packed Weight
17.4 lb / 278 oz


Frame Materials
Aluminum tubing, UV-treated nylon plastic

Travel Bag Materials
600D Polyester plain weave base, 210D ripstop nylon, 3mm foam, 40mm polyester webbing, YKK zipper with PU + DWR waterproofing


Lounge Capacity
1-2 people

Sleep Capacity
1 person (recommended)

Max Weight Capacity
300 lb / 136 kg

Setting up the hammock

The clunkiness of the hammock stand isn’t very different than other brands on the market, so it’s really just something you make room for. The size of the metal pieces easily fit together, but what is really awesome, and something that wasn’t noticed at first, is that the metal button you push into the opposite bar has a second button you push so you don’t pinch your finger!

That’s a smart design feature for sure. Especially if you’ve had your finger pinched.

Once your frame is connected you have two outer metal hooks that can be adjusted up and down. Loop one end of the hammock over the Y in the frame, and then connect the opposite side the same way.

Depending on how much room you wanted between you and the ground you will raise each side accordingly to increase or decrease tension. You simply pull out the adjustment knob and slide it to the appropriate slot where you’ll click it back in.

Once you have a good height adjustment made you can just leave them in place.

The Swiflet stand has holes in its feet too, so if you want to stake it down and not worry about weather if you leave your campsite you can push on through to the other side.

Some things to keep in mind

Because of the painted coating on the metal frame, it’s susceptible to friction of any debris getting on it. So if it’s muddy at your campsite, or if you get sand on it, it will make the tubes a little trickier to connect.

Just make sure you’re keeping those inner parts clean to make connecting pieces easier.

This frame is built for the outdoors though. With its special UV coating, it’s also rust-resistant. So if you want to just keep this on your back porch, you can feel confident it’s going to hold up over time.

Accessories for the Kammok Swiflet

Because the Kammok Swiflet is built for lounging, what better way to extend that hang than with a Swiflet cupholder? This feature wasn’t part of the testing package, but from the looks of it it seems like a great add-on.

You can also grab a bundle that’s marked down at the time of this posting to $299.95. The bundle includes the Swiflet stand, hammock, and cup holder.

Price Point & Is It worth it?

The Swiflet hammock stand is $279.95. The promo at the time of this post shows that it includes the hammock which is a great deal there.

So is it high dollar? Yes.

It is also high quality? Also yes.

If you can afford it the quality of the build, the simplicity of design and assembly, and the lifetime guarantee make this a great outdoor piece of gear that is great for traveling, car camping, and chillaxing anywhere you want.


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